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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

With any non-profit organization, it's a constant need to keep your audience and patrons engaged with what your progress of furthering your mission. Today is a big day for us here at The LOT Downtown. We are launching our brand new website, announcing the dates for our 2019 Community Concert Series, and starting this blog.

With our blog, our goal is to not only have an open line of communication between you and our organization, but we also hope to grow an active community of patrons that continue our mission of bringing people together to enjoy life through the arts.

What can you do to help?

You can follow us to receive blog notifications, and keep an eye on our social media. The more active we are online, the more we can help build our audience during our concert season to help impact our community.


Invite someone new to The LOT Downtown for an event. Getting busy with work, kids, and family life, is easy to do. Our goal is to help you slow down and invest in the people around you by providing a gathering place to enjoy life together.

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The Lot Downtown - Mansfield, Texas
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